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With ever-advancing science and technology, the software has always been produced in different areas of business management, but businesses need a rational solution that includes all of the organization's resources But not as complex as the solutions available;
Complete software that can be deployed and operational in the shortest possible time and at a low cost to make it cost-effective while delivering high performance. Businesses need to be able to stay connected to their customers and stakeholders in order to be dynamic and fast. 

1. Customer Relationship Management

2. Human resources management

3. Roll Call

4. Financial Management

It is part of the needs of an up-to-date business that all of these systems in one comprehensive solution can meet the needs of businesses.

To this end, Kavan has provided a comprehensive and integrated solution to facilitate business processes. Kavan System A comprehensive business management solution is the product of DadeKavan Company.

The Kavan system is offered on the web (SAAS). Generally, web-based systems are available in two ways: loading on the company's internal server and using the cloud service, and the Kavan system is capable of providing both.